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Last weekend was so busy, and here I am again, packing for another trip.  After tonight’s plans (watching SYTYCD at Melissa’s) and my doctor appointment tomorrow, we are heading up to the cabin in Mason, Wisconsin with Katie & Christian until Sunday, and then to White Bear Lake to help my aunt move that afternoon. Hooray for a 5-day weekend (I took Monday off, too!).

I did tell Sam a few days ago that I think it’s time to buy a new car, which he told me he would do 3 years ago. Living with 2 cars and no A/C is miserable during the summer, especially when we do so much traveling. I’m a “windows down” kind of girl, but when you’re flying down the freeway, it ain’t happening. And when I say new car, I mean slightly used. Sam doesn’t believe in buying brand new cars, because the price goes down so much after they are a year or so old. We will save a lot of money throughout our lives following that guideline, which is fine with me! I mostly love having a frugal husband. [mostly]

I need to starting thinking about my 5K training in the coming weeks. It went well last summer when I was using the Couch to 5K plan, so I’m definitely going to use that again. I don’t know how I could do it without listening to my iPod — my workout playlist makes the time go so much faster and really keeps me energized. I will probably crack down after this weekend, though I will be getting some hiking in at Copper Falls.

Recent good news – some graduating senior was going to throw out a brand new pair of Rocket Dog rain boots, in my size!

There is one TV show that I refuse to miss. It makes me cry nearly every week, and it moves me in so many different directions. I’m always ashamed to admit that I love So You Think You Can Dance, but there is no reason to feel this way. I don’t mean to diss American Idol, because I have watched a few seasons of it and understand how it’s an entertaining show, but I have never felt that I can connect as much with the contestants as I can on SYTYCD. The way they move their bodies, the emotions that they portray through dance…  hip hop, crunk, samba, salsa, broadway, ballet, contemporary, jazz, Bollywood, on and on. It’s just the best thing on TV.

Sam loves it too. For all the non-believers out there. That should say something.

Here’s a video of some of last year’s crew on Ellen:

On a slightly related note, I have vowed to learn the “Single Ladies” dance this summer. I need a new song to embarrass myself with at weddings.

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