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It’s been awhile, I’m aware. While my work days are slightly more low-key than they are during the school year, we have been busy every weekend of the summer. Sam and I are in the middle of traveling 8 weekends in a row. Last weekend we had a wedding in Monticello (congrats Katie & Eli), and the weekend before we were at Breezy Point with the Nikolas family. Tomorrow we head north to Lake Vermilion until Monday, and the following weekend is Sarah & Andy’s much-anticipated wedding day. I will be reading during the ceremony, and even more frightening, playing the piano for cocktail hour at the reception hall. I’ve been trying to brush up on my mad skillz in the Ytterboe ballroom.

In less than 3 weeks, staff will be returning. First my lovely SHC, then the SRAs, and the rest of my staff will follow shortly after. Then come the students. I love this time of year, but my work schedule will become insane. Though I cannot wait for everyone’s return, I’m trying to enjoy the quiet while I can.

Chaos can be a positive thing.
Chaos is inherently part of the creative act.
To embrace creativity means you must also embrace chaos.
Things don’t happen when everything is neat and “just so”.
Creativity is all about disruption.
The people who tell you that creativity is pain-free are liars.
The people who tell you they’ve got a plan are liars.
There is no plan. There’s just you, God and the need to invent.
And this uncertain world is what most of us
now find ourselves entering, willingly or otherwise.

-Hugh Mcleod

I’m 26 today. As Sam’s cousin wrote on my Facebook wall, “26 is when you begin to realize you’re not immortal after all”. A little true, in my case, as I had been realizing that I’m now closer to 30 than 20. Not that that’s a bad thing – I would imagine 30 will be quite wonderful.

I slept in (my favorite) and woke up to Sam telling me he was going out to clean my car. It does make me feel old to get excited over that. I just returned from a haircut. Since my good friend Rachel left to do hair on a cruise ship again, I was stuck going to a salon in Northfield. I wanted it shorter. I wanted Mia Michael’s hair. It does NOT look like Mia Michael’s hair, but I refuse to let a bad haircut ruin my birthday. Anna is going to help me fix it later.

Tonight Sam’s taking me out for dinner at The Tavern, and then we will be spending the evening with the Jungers. Thanks for all the well wishes today, everyone.


I would consider myself a grown-up, in most respects. However, when it comes to things like hammocks, I am not. As soon as we were at the cabin and unpacked, Sam and I stood on the ground with the hammock behind us and went to jump up and start swinging..

The hammock came off the hinge and we landed flat on our backs. Sam started uttering some choice words while I laid there with the wind knocked out of me. It could have been worse, but still hilarious.

Oops. Hammocks are still my favorite.
At least we didn’t break it.

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Last weekend was so busy, and here I am again, packing for another trip.  After tonight’s plans (watching SYTYCD at Melissa’s) and my doctor appointment tomorrow, we are heading up to the cabin in Mason, Wisconsin with Katie & Christian until Sunday, and then to White Bear Lake to help my aunt move that afternoon. Hooray for a 5-day weekend (I took Monday off, too!).

I did tell Sam a few days ago that I think it’s time to buy a new car, which he told me he would do 3 years ago. Living with 2 cars and no A/C is miserable during the summer, especially when we do so much traveling. I’m a “windows down” kind of girl, but when you’re flying down the freeway, it ain’t happening. And when I say new car, I mean slightly used. Sam doesn’t believe in buying brand new cars, because the price goes down so much after they are a year or so old. We will save a lot of money throughout our lives following that guideline, which is fine with me! I mostly love having a frugal husband. [mostly]

I need to starting thinking about my 5K training in the coming weeks. It went well last summer when I was using the Couch to 5K plan, so I’m definitely going to use that again. I don’t know how I could do it without listening to my iPod — my workout playlist makes the time go so much faster and really keeps me energized. I will probably crack down after this weekend, though I will be getting some hiking in at Copper Falls.

Recent good news – some graduating senior was going to throw out a brand new pair of Rocket Dog rain boots, in my size!

Brandon is one of our very best friends in the entire universe. And I say “our” wholeheartedly because we both have special bonds with him. Sam and Brandon had the same double-major in college and have grown close over the years. Brandon started as one of my RAs at UWRF, became my co-worker at Viterbo, and classmate at UWL, though a year behind. He was in our wedding, we visit each other, talk fairly frequently… he’s the brother we never had.

Brandon leaves soon for his new position as a Hall Coordinator at the University of Iowa. We had to get one more day o’ fun in before he ditches out (he reminded me that WE were the ones who left HIM last year – but that’s beside the point). We met up at the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley yesterday.

I told Brandon and Sam that if they were zoo animals, I think they would both be giraffes. Brandon asked me what I would be, and unfortunately, the answer is probably a damn wild boar.

After the zoo, we went for dinner at the Red Robin. Due to a discussion about nose piercings, we also stopped at Aloha Monkey, and I left with a studded nose, thanks to Ryan Malone. Pictures available on Facebook/Twitter. I’m sure that there are people who view my spontaneity as slightly insane, but that’s fine. And Sam loves it (he’s to blame for it in the first place).

There is one TV show that I refuse to miss. It makes me cry nearly every week, and it moves me in so many different directions. I’m always ashamed to admit that I love So You Think You Can Dance, but there is no reason to feel this way. I don’t mean to diss American Idol, because I have watched a few seasons of it and understand how it’s an entertaining show, but I have never felt that I can connect as much with the contestants as I can on SYTYCD. The way they move their bodies, the emotions that they portray through dance…  hip hop, crunk, samba, salsa, broadway, ballet, contemporary, jazz, Bollywood, on and on. It’s just the best thing on TV.

Sam loves it too. For all the non-believers out there. That should say something.

Here’s a video of some of last year’s crew on Ellen:

On a slightly related note, I have vowed to learn the “Single Ladies” dance this summer. I need a new song to embarrass myself with at weddings.

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Sam and I recently attended the wedding of our dear friend Patrick in Edgerton, Minnesota.IMG_6319 Pat is 3 years older than us, and we grew up together at church. We were part of a very active youth group and were lucky enough to be provided with a sickeningly large number of close, reliable, and loving friends. He met Nicole while they attended St. Cloud State University, and we love her as well. Unfortunately neither of Sam’s sisters and their husbands were able to attend. Sara and Ben couldn’t travel that far with a baby due any day now, and Abby and Dave reside in Yakima, Washington. They were all missed very much.

We rode to Edgerton (about 3.5 hours southwest of Northfield) with our good friend Todd, who proved to be our entertainment for the weekend. See a photo of the best man to the right. We probably played over 6 hours of “name that tune” from my iPod. Sam rocked the indy portions while Todd owned at nineties alternative and pop. Todd also shared the most hilarious story I have ever heard, involving a toilet. Ask me sometime if you want to know, although it may be funnier if you know him.

As Todd fretted about his best man speech, Sam and I were nervous about reading scripture for the wedding. We were honored to be asked, and to be able to spend Friday with the wedding party, but we definitely rehearsed some Philippians and Deuteronomy beforehand. Friday night’s rehearsal dinner was held at a small coffee shop in Edgerton (a very, very tiny town with one main road). After, we went to a bar on the lake (connected to our motel) and enjoyed some drinks and each other’s company. Funniest moment of the evening : in the car that day, John Michael Montgomery’s song “Sold – the Grundy County Auction” came on and Todd and I sang it by heart – we joked about it being our karaoke song. That night when the 2 of us were waiting for some drinks, that song came on and we about died. It isn’t what you would call a common karaoke tune – I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone attempt it before. For the record, he was horrible.

Saturday came, and the wedding was beautiful. One of the best parts was hearing Chris sing/play the piano. I had to IMG_6382read my verse right after he performed, so I was a little sniffly, but it went just fine. Sam too. I have never seen Patrick so happy – he was grinning from ear to ear the entire day. There was free wine (for me) and beer (for Sam) at the reception. I remember being first in line for the $ dance with Pat. After that, things get a bit fuzzy until I recall taking 20 pictures of Adam sleeping on the floor in our motel room. Apparently I willingly did my dance to “Beat It” at the reception and was cheered on (and laughed at?) by the crowd. Sam took a video. I deleted it without even so much as glancing at it. “Patilla Ice” also grabbed the mic and rapped for the crowd. It was a great reception – we all enjoyed ourselves. On Sunday I told Todd that he and I were the life of the party. He replied, “You were, Laura, and I was just riding on your coattails”. Bummer of the weekend : we left our gift from the happy couple at the coffee shop from Friday night – gift cards to Chipotle and Erbs & Gerbs. Ugh.