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I cannot believe I have not done a post about my nephew yet. Liam Jamie Grams (son of Katie and Christian) was born on August 11 at 1:40 am. He weighed 6 lbs, 13 oz, measured at 21 inches, and has the widest little baby eyes. It was love at first sight for his Godmother.

I’ve seen him 4 times so far – twice at the hospital, once at my parents’, and the night I went to visit Liam and Katie at home in Woodbury, MN. It will never be enough! Thank goodness Mommy sends Auntie picture mail on an almost-daily basis. xxoo

We feel so lucky to have Megan, Emelia, and Liam in our lives.

Last weekend was so busy, and here I am again, packing for another trip.  After tonight’s plans (watching SYTYCD at Melissa’s) and my doctor appointment tomorrow, we are heading up to the cabin in Mason, Wisconsin with Katie & Christian until Sunday, and then to White Bear Lake to help my aunt move that afternoon. Hooray for a 5-day weekend (I took Monday off, too!).

I did tell Sam a few days ago that I think it’s time to buy a new car, which he told me he would do 3 years ago. Living with 2 cars and no A/C is miserable during the summer, especially when we do so much traveling. I’m a “windows down” kind of girl, but when you’re flying down the freeway, it ain’t happening. And when I say new car, I mean slightly used. Sam doesn’t believe in buying brand new cars, because the price goes down so much after they are a year or so old. We will save a lot of money throughout our lives following that guideline, which is fine with me! I mostly love having a frugal husband. [mostly]

I need to starting thinking about my 5K training in the coming weeks. It went well last summer when I was using the Couch to 5K plan, so I’m definitely going to use that again. I don’t know how I could do it without listening to my iPod — my workout playlist makes the time go so much faster and really keeps me energized. I will probably crack down after this weekend, though I will be getting some hiking in at Copper Falls.

Recent good news – some graduating senior was going to throw out a brand new pair of Rocket Dog rain boots, in my size!

Anna, Brandie, and I are signing up to run a 5K in October. Some of you may remember that I started to train for this last year, but training was cut short when I discovered the race was over homecoming weekend at St. Olaf and I wasn’t to leave campus. Well, here’s to another try. I will begin training soon, using the Couch to 5K plan that I found online. I don’t have what you would call a “runner’s body”. So.

I will be heading off of the Hill from Wednesday to Sunday of this week. Plans include my sister’s baby shower, spending time with grandparents, dinner with Sarah and Andy, a second visit to St. Cloud Prison, and a bachelorette party getaway. Will return with some stories, I imagine.

Single Ladies dance update : first 22 seconds memorized. This may take awhile. Which brings me to something else I lack = Beyonce’s figure.


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