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I cannot believe I have not done a post about my nephew yet. Liam Jamie Grams (son of Katie and Christian) was born on August 11 at 1:40 am. He weighed 6 lbs, 13 oz, measured at 21 inches, and has the widest little baby eyes. It was love at first sight for his Godmother.

I’ve seen him 4 times so far – twice at the hospital, once at my parents’, and the night I went to visit Liam and Katie at home in Woodbury, MN. It will never be enough! Thank goodness Mommy sends Auntie picture mail on an almost-daily basis. xxoo

We feel so lucky to have Megan, Emelia, and Liam in our lives.


My sister-in-law Sara gave birth to a beautiful baby girl this morning at 3:10 am. My Goddaughter, Emelia Caroline Fuller, weighs 8 lb 12 oz and measures 21.5 inches. Her nickname will be Emmy – I just love it. What a perfect name. And her big sister Megan can already say it perfectly. I was told that Megan loved holding her (there’s a cute video of that) and she cried when they took Emmy away from her lap and said “please”. Sam and I enjoyed visiting Sara and Emmy at the hospital today, but I was sad I missed Ben & Megan (nap time for them both). Ben, Sara, Megan & Emmy — what a perfect family. We love you, Fullers.



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