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gas problem

Posted on: July 8, 2009

Christian is the father of my sister’s unborn son. He gave me a gas card for my birthday.

Here’s the story:
When Katie, Christian, Sam and I were at the cabin and in the process of driving to Bayfield for an afternoon, I noticed I was very low on gas. So I pulled into a station, got gas, and we continued on. When Christian got out of the car, he noticed that not only was the gas tank door open, but I had not screwed the cap. I’ve never forgotten to close either before. After we left Bayfield and were driving the 45 minutes back to Mason, I happened to glance down and saw that my gas tank still said “empty”. The “low fuel” light was even on.

Apparently I had swiped my credit card, inserted the nozzle and forgotten to fill my tank with gas. I even remember telling Sam that I thought $37 seemed high — but that must have been the vehicle that filled up before me.

So, our relationship has gotten to the comfortable point where we give each other crap whenever possible. Along with the gas card was instructions on how to fill up my tank safely and properly. Punk.


I would consider myself a grown-up, in most respects. However, when it comes to things like hammocks, I am not. As soon as we were at the cabin and unpacked, Sam and I stood on the ground with the hammock behind us and went to jump up and start swinging..

The hammock came off the hinge and we landed flat on our backs. Sam started uttering some choice words while I laid there with the wind knocked out of me. It could have been worse, but still hilarious.

Oops. Hammocks are still my favorite.
At least we didn’t break it.

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Last weekend was so busy, and here I am again, packing for another trip.  After tonight’s plans (watching SYTYCD at Melissa’s) and my doctor appointment tomorrow, we are heading up to the cabin in Mason, Wisconsin with Katie & Christian until Sunday, and then to White Bear Lake to help my aunt move that afternoon. Hooray for a 5-day weekend (I took Monday off, too!).

I did tell Sam a few days ago that I think it’s time to buy a new car, which he told me he would do 3 years ago. Living with 2 cars and no A/C is miserable during the summer, especially when we do so much traveling. I’m a “windows down” kind of girl, but when you’re flying down the freeway, it ain’t happening. And when I say new car, I mean slightly used. Sam doesn’t believe in buying brand new cars, because the price goes down so much after they are a year or so old. We will save a lot of money throughout our lives following that guideline, which is fine with me! I mostly love having a frugal husband. [mostly]

I need to starting thinking about my 5K training in the coming weeks. It went well last summer when I was using the Couch to 5K plan, so I’m definitely going to use that again. I don’t know how I could do it without listening to my iPod — my workout playlist makes the time go so much faster and really keeps me energized. I will probably crack down after this weekend, though I will be getting some hiking in at Copper Falls.

Recent good news – some graduating senior was going to throw out a brand new pair of Rocket Dog rain boots, in my size!