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an update

Posted on: March 7, 2010

Oops, forgot about this blog for awhile. Here’s what’s happened since I last wrote:

  • I have kept up with my resolutions from the last post. However, working out has given me a stress fracture in my foot that will not go away, so I might be heading back to the doctor this coming week. But I’m eating pretty well, staying healthy, reading good books and allowing myself to experience joy.
  • I turned in my resignation letter at St. Olaf.
    I love this place – it’s been a great home to both of us. But it’s time to move on (and OFF-campus). I don’t know what my future career holds, but I’m excited. I’m applying both at colleges/universities and at non-profit organizations.
  • We bought a house.
    Our closing date is in less than three weeks, though we won’t move in until June. We will be close to our parents, siblings, grandparents and many friends (Jenny and Esteban are 5 minutes away!).
  • We are being considered for two adoptive children.
    Most of you probably read our adoption blog so no need to go into great detail here, but this is the most important thing happening in our lives right now. The wait is hard, but worth it.

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I’m glad you’re back 🙂 Congratulations on everything!

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