little by little.

today is my birthday.

Posted on: July 3, 2009

I’m 26 today. As Sam’s cousin wrote on my Facebook wall, “26 is when you begin to realize you’re not immortal after all”. A little true, in my case, as I had been realizing that I’m now closer to 30 than 20. Not that that’s a bad thing – I would imagine 30 will be quite wonderful.

I slept in (my favorite) and woke up to Sam telling me he was going out to clean my car. It does make me feel old to get excited over that. I just returned from a haircut. Since my good friend Rachel left to do hair on a cruise ship again, I was stuck going to a salon in Northfield. I wanted it shorter. I wanted Mia Michael’s hair. It does NOT look like Mia Michael’s hair, but I refuse to let a bad haircut ruin my birthday. Anna is going to help me fix it later.

Tonight Sam’s taking me out for dinner at The Tavern, and then we will be spending the evening with the Jungers. Thanks for all the well wishes today, everyone.

2 Responses to "today is my birthday."

It was an enjoyable evening. Thanks to both of you for making your way over here.

thanks should go to YOU for being a good host, and for the gifts. we are so grateful for your family. 🙂

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