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I would consider myself a grown-up, in most respects. However, when it comes to things like hammocks, I am not. As soon as we were at the cabin and unpacked, Sam and I stood on the ground with the hammock behind us and went to jump up and start swinging..

The hammock came off the hinge and we landed flat on our backs. Sam started uttering some choice words while I laid there with the wind knocked out of me. It could have been worse, but still hilarious.

Oops. Hammocks are still my favorite.
At least we didn’t break it.

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Last weekend was so busy, and here I am again, packing for another trip.  After tonight’s plans (watching SYTYCD at Melissa’s) and my doctor appointment tomorrow, we are heading up to the cabin in Mason, Wisconsin with Katie & Christian until Sunday, and then to White Bear Lake to help my aunt move that afternoon. Hooray for a 5-day weekend (I took Monday off, too!).

I did tell Sam a few days ago that I think it’s time to buy a new car, which he told me he would do 3 years ago. Living with 2 cars and no A/C is miserable during the summer, especially when we do so much traveling. I’m a “windows down” kind of girl, but when you’re flying down the freeway, it ain’t happening. And when I say new car, I mean slightly used. Sam doesn’t believe in buying brand new cars, because the price goes down so much after they are a year or so old. We will save a lot of money throughout our lives following that guideline, which is fine with me! I mostly love having a frugal husband. [mostly]

I need to starting thinking about my 5K training in the coming weeks. It went well last summer when I was using the Couch to 5K plan, so I’m definitely going to use that again. I don’t know how I could do it without listening to my iPod — my workout playlist makes the time go so much faster and really keeps me energized. I will probably crack down after this weekend, though I will be getting some hiking in at Copper Falls.

Recent good news – some graduating senior was going to throw out a brand new pair of Rocket Dog rain boots, in my size!

Jenny and I went with Mr. Schleicher’s wife Mary to visit him again at St. Cloud Prison. It was our second trip. And I have a funny story, though it may be one of those “you had to be there” moments.

I called Jenny on Thursday evening to have her remind me of the rules for attire when visiting a prison inmate. Things like no hats, jackets/hoodies, anything too revealing… I also looked at the website to make sure I didn’t forget anything. However, when we arrived, my heart sunk when I realized I was wearing a bra with an underwire. Not allowed. Gulp.

The employee gave me tools to remove the wires from my bra – otherwise, I was to sit and wait for 2 hours while Mary and Jenny visited. So, I went in the bathroom with the nail clipper and tweezers I was given and attempted to cut the wires out of my expensive VS bra. After awhile with no luck, I called Jenny in to help me. Don’t ask me why they didn’t have a scissors for me to use, but the fabric on this particular well-constructed garment was not budging.

Then Jenny realized she was wearing a tank top with a built-in bra, and she was also wearing a sports bra, and offered it to me. Those of you that have seen me my best friend know that our body types are not similar in the slightest. Jenny looks like a gazelle – tall, lean, graceful. I’m none of those things, but I am quite well-endowed (okay, this is just getting awkward). The idea of Laura wearing Jenny’s bra is laughable. Square peg in a round hole, or something along those lines. But it fit fine (divine intervention?) and I was able to enjoy a 2-hour visit without being too uncomfortable.

So, maybe it’s not as much a “you had to be there” story, but a “it’s funnier if you have physically seen the difference in body shapes of L and J”. Mary got a kick out of it, at least.

Anna, Brandie, and I are signing up to run a 5K in October. Some of you may remember that I started to train for this last year, but training was cut short when I discovered the race was over homecoming weekend at St. Olaf and I wasn’t to leave campus. Well, here’s to another try. I will begin training soon, using the Couch to 5K plan that I found online. I don’t have what you would call a “runner’s body”. So.

I will be heading off of the Hill from Wednesday to Sunday of this week. Plans include my sister’s baby shower, spending time with grandparents, dinner with Sarah and Andy, a second visit to St. Cloud Prison, and a bachelorette party getaway. Will return with some stories, I imagine.

Single Ladies dance update : first 22 seconds memorized. This may take awhile. Which brings me to something else I lack = Beyonce’s figure.

Anna got me on a crafting kick lately. Here is what I have accomplished –

I found a bunch of clear vases in my cupboard, and they were boring me. So I painted a few of them different colors. I may keep them, I may give some away as gifts at some point.

I made soap for the first time. It was really easy, actually – you can buy glycerin soap at most craft stores. Melt it in the microwave, add coloring and a scent, and pour it into a mold. They were hardened within an hour.

I added some green ribbon to a cute bag I own from Land’s End (a bridesmaid gift from Kate). Just wanted to give it a little something extra.

I made chocolate suckers – flowers, smiley faces, Sesame Street characters, music notes in light chocolate and white chocolate (colored blue). It brought back memories of my days working at Lynn’s Cake & Candy Supplies in high school. One of the best jobs I’ve ever had.

On our to-do list this summer includes beading, stamping, and making friendship bracelets like 10-yr olds. Anyone have any fun, easy ideas to share? It’s going to be a fun summer.

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My sister-in-law Sara gave birth to a beautiful baby girl this morning at 3:10 am. My Goddaughter, Emelia Caroline Fuller, weighs 8 lb 12 oz and measures 21.5 inches. Her nickname will be Emmy – I just love it. What a perfect name. And her big sister Megan can already say it perfectly. I was told that Megan loved holding her (there’s a cute video of that) and she cried when they took Emmy away from her lap and said “please”. Sam and I enjoyed visiting Sara and Emmy at the hospital today, but I was sad I missed Ben & Megan (nap time for them both). Ben, Sara, Megan & Emmy — what a perfect family. We love you, Fullers.



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Brandon is one of our very best friends in the entire universe. And I say “our” wholeheartedly because we both have special bonds with him. Sam and Brandon had the same double-major in college and have grown close over the years. Brandon started as one of my RAs at UWRF, became my co-worker at Viterbo, and classmate at UWL, though a year behind. He was in our wedding, we visit each other, talk fairly frequently… he’s the brother we never had.

Brandon leaves soon for his new position as a Hall Coordinator at the University of Iowa. We had to get one more day o’ fun in before he ditches out (he reminded me that WE were the ones who left HIM last year – but that’s beside the point). We met up at the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley yesterday.

I told Brandon and Sam that if they were zoo animals, I think they would both be giraffes. Brandon asked me what I would be, and unfortunately, the answer is probably a damn wild boar.

After the zoo, we went for dinner at the Red Robin. Due to a discussion about nose piercings, we also stopped at Aloha Monkey, and I left with a studded nose, thanks to Ryan Malone. Pictures available on Facebook/Twitter. I’m sure that there are people who view my spontaneity as slightly insane, but that’s fine. And Sam loves it (he’s to blame for it in the first place).